Comprehensive Eye health evaluation

Our comprehensive eye health evaluation is more than a basic eye exam. Our eyes not only provide us with vision, but also give us an insight on an overall health of our body as well as any early indicators of various diseases, including glaucoma or cancer.

At Edgewater Eyecare, we personally invest in your eyes by providing you with an unique assessment of the health of your overall eyes. We talk to you and evaluate each one of your concern to ensure that you are completely satisfied. Our state of the art office provides advanced technology and brand new equipment which helps us understand the current status of your eye and helps us diagnose any key disease that may impact your vision and overall health.

Edgewater Eyecare’s comprehensive eye exam includes:

• Pretesting Automated Equipment (Auto Refractor, Auto Keratometry, and Auto Noncontact Tonometer)
• Eye Coordination
• Depth Perception
• Peripheral Vision
• Color Vision
• 3 checks for Glaucoma (Eye Pressure, Visual Field, and Optic Nerve Evaluation)
• Cataract Evaluation
• Retinal and Macular Evaluation

We take great pride in providing each and every patient with the personalized care to ensure that your eyes and vision are healthy.